The Restoration of Vulcan | Vulcan Park and Museum

Visitors coming to Vulcan Park today are unaware of the multi million dollar effort to restore the statue to it original condition. Therefore, Kelton Design worked with Vulcan Park & Museum’s education department to produce a temporary exhibit detailing the restoration of Vulcan – the world’s largest cast iron statue.

All hands-on interactives were prototyped in wood first before being iron cast at Sloss Furnaces. In addition, a touchscreen computer interactive showing how the 21 pieces of Vulcan fit together was story boarded by Kelton Design and produced.

The exhibit was so successful, elements of the exhibit incorporated into the core museum galleries. The interactive puzzle can now be found online and the artwork was also used on a magnetic puzzle wall.

Permanent artifact cases were also designed and fabricated to house sculpture, models, and touchable items such as bolts, marble and concrete.